Yggdraslia: The Book of Kyrinae

The Goddess Kyrinae is dying, and along with her, the world of Yggdraslia.

Kiera discovers this when a messenger sent by the goddess comes to her and pleads for her help in restoring life to the world. There is magic in Kiera, and the power that runs in her blood is the key to saving Yggdraslia.

However, the Church of Kyrinae, which stands as both law and religion, forbids it. To save the goddess, Kiera must seek out shrines around the world and imbue them with her power, but to do so is both illegal and heresy.

Armed with powerful relics Kiera has no clue how to use, she must rely on her wits (or at least brute force), new companions, and sheer luck to fight the world, just to save it.

…The world of Yggdraslia was entertaining for me to picture, full of magic, intrigue, enjoyable people (and a few I want to punch in the face). The story had me coming back for more every chapter. I recommend it for anybody who wants to start a unique journey with Kiera and save the world that doesn’t fully realize it needs saving in the first place.


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About the Author
L.P. Owen is the creator and author of the new Fantasy series ‘Yggdraslia’.  He’s a huge fan of the fantasy genre and coming of age stories where unknowing and possibly unwilling beginners rise to extraordinary heights.  L.P. loves anything and everything created by Joss Whedon, and finds a huge amount of inspiration from his work. He strives to create new and interesting worlds full of magic, mystery, witty banter, and characters you come to know and love (or love to hate).